Breakfast like King

After starving during the night it’s only natural to give our bodies enough nutrients so that they are prepared for a new day. Breakfast should, above all, taste good and contain a balanced ratio of nutrients. I personally like my breakfast colourful. Try to keep in mind that it’s the fruits and vegetables that add colours to our plate.

So what should a breakfast look like?

Fruits and vegetables should be a major part of our meals. They are the source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they come in many shapes and forms, are versatile and easily combined with other foods, so one never gets tired of them.

Polysaccharides are another important element that should be on our plates, as they provide us not only with the immediate, short-term energy but also with the energy that is released throughout the whole morning. That’s the basic principle behind feeling full for a long time. Some of us can wait for the lunch without feeling hungry; others prefer to have some snack before. The foods that contain carbohydrates include bread (ideally the wholegrain one) that can be served in many ways. If you’re having sweet breakfast, carbohydrate foods include wheat, oat, soya, buckwheat, rye flakes or oat bran (the outer layer of the oat coating that is rich in fibre and minerals). Another variant is cereal porridge, but when choosing this option, I’d advise you to look at the amount of added sugar in it. Try to avoid the well-known roasted cereals that appear in commercials (the fitness cereals too) and breakfast cereals such as Nesquik, Cini Minis, etc. I’m not saying though that you can’t treat yourself from time to time and add some of it into your breakfast bowl.

Protein sources are for example yoghurt, skyr (very high in protein), curd cheese, milk. If you opt for salty breakfast, you can choose from hard cheeses (Eidam) or fresh cheeses (cottage cheese), cream spreads or legume spreads (hummus and a wide variety of other plant-based spreads). Then ham and sausage – opt for those of higher quality with higher meat content, eggs are (mainly for men) a breakfast champion and are truly nutritious.

We should be careful with the fats and not eat too much of them. The sources of plant lipids – oils are avocado, nuts, but also a pesto, olive, pumpkin and hemp oil, that can be used as a salad dressing. The sources of animal lipids – fats are butter and bacon. And be careful, the cream spreads are a source of fat, too.

Id like to add that you should simply enjoy your breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast on a daily basis, you should certainly begin with it as it’s good not only for your physical but also mental health. 🙂 

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