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The idea of becoming a professional nutritionist came to her after she had first-hand experience with dietary issues. She made a resolution to help others through nutrition. Nutrition therapy as a subject of study inspired her so much that she decided to expand her knowledge on the topic and embarked on studying food technology. She graduated from the Charles University and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. She is now a qualified nutrition therapist and a food technologist with a ten-year interest and experience in the field of nutrition. During the course of her studies she did an internship at a nutrition clinic that specialized in dietetics and community nutrition. In her undergraduate and master’s dissertations she did research on diets for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Concerning food technology, she specializes on chemistry and technology regarding carbohydrates and grains. In her master’s dissertation she studied polyphenols and processes that take place in membranes. She completed an internship in Brazil, where she focused on the production of fermented milk products. She drew up nutritional and sensory analyses for restaurant customers.

Natália comes from Dolný Kubín and is currently living in Innsbruck. In her free time, she likes to read books, especially fiction. Her favourite physical activities include running, playing tennis, doing yoga and hiking. She’d fit into the “flexitarian” category and when it comes to favourite food, she loves vegetables and cheeses.






Food technology internship | State University of Saõ Paulo, Botucatu, Brazil, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Economics, Sociology and Technology Department | 2017 | laboratory practice with the focus on microbiology and milk products technology, yogurt production, preparation of educational materials in the fields of microbiology, chemistry and the technology of fermented milk production

Practice at an intensive metabolic care unit | III. internal clinicGeneral University Hospital in Prague (VFN v Praze) | 2017 | training in the problematics of preparing individual parenteral nutrition

Practice at a nutrition clinic | IV. internal clinic, General University Hospital in Prague (VFN v Praze) | 2017 | making a nutrition diagnosis and a diet plan, interpretation of anthropometric, physical and biochemical examinations, using a general nutritional screening, providing adequate enteral nutrition, modular dietetics and sipping, assessment of energy and biological value of food 

Nutrition internship with an emphasis on multicultural diet at a health resort | Health resort Mariánske lázně | 2016 | survey of dietary habits of patients | making meal plans for patients recovering from a disease and for patients that are chronically ill

Practice at a clinic focusing on dietetics | Central Military Hospital  in Prague (ÚVN v Praze| 2015 | nutrition anamneses, special dietary methods, nutrition education

Internship at a health and social care organization | Health resort Lúčky | 2015 | creating individual therapeutic diet plans, processing nutrition anamneses and assessing nutrition status, preparing education materials, assessing nutritional care in the facility

Practice at a nutrition center | Ladislav Nadáši Jégé Hospital in Dolný Kubín (Dolnooravská nemocnica s poliklinikou L.N. Jégého) | Department of medical nutrition and dietetics | 2014 | dietary systems, evaluation of technological procedures, suggesting an improvement of medical diet in order to preserve the biological and nutritional value of food, HACCP, preparing education materials and meals

Community nutrition internship | Catholic primary school in Dolný Kubín  | 2014 | market basket, community nutrition needs, drawing up a meal plan for school canteen with regard to the nutritional value recommended for the given age group, food hygiene and HACCP

Food technology internship | Restaurant Lucia in Dolný Kubín | 2014 | legislation and hygienic requirements for catering services, HACCP, food typology, specification of recommended portions of food, technological procedures, food preparation, serving, storing and its distribution